My countries of expertise include:

United States






I began working in genealogy around the time of one of my Mother’s major birthdays some 20 years ago.  Her parents were born in Italy, arriving in this country in the 1890s. We knew little about her ancestors, but knew the town that her parents came from and the names of her paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother. The civil records in many Italian towns begin in 1809 and review of them is available through records at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

I use available texts on Italian genealogy to assist me in the research. This has allowed me to learn about my Italian ancestors who come from eight towns between Rome and Naples in central Italy.   I am able to get back into the late 1700, and using church records for one town, into the early 1600s.

My father was born in London, England. The church records from the time of Henry VIII allow one to obtain baptismal, marriage and burial records from about 1550 in most towns in England. Civil records began in 1837. My Spong family comes from Kent, England, through the London area to Canada and then to the States. I am able to obtain records into the early 1700s for my Spong line and into the mid 1500s for many of my other lines.

Besides taking extensive course work in British Isles research, I have attend many programs that deal with British Isles research, and read journals that deal with British research on an ongoing basis.

My wife’s ancestors come from Ireland and the records are much more difficult to find, mainly because census records for Ireland were destroyed in the upsrising and those available now are from 1901 and after.  However, I was able to find a few of her ancestors in Counties Cork and Dublin and others who had emigrated to England.

US research is an ongoing learning process. I attribute a great deal of credit to the North San Diego County Genealogical Society.   I have been a member since the late 1990s and attend many of the two times per month programs and the twice yearly seminars. In addition I have served as Ways & Means Chairperson (responsible for the seminars), Programs Chairperson, President and Delegate to the Foundation for Genealogical Societies. Further, seminars and programs organized by other organizations and various genealogy journals provide ongoing learning.

I spend at least a week of research time at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City each year.

Medical Background

I practiced internal medicine and nephrology for 13 years; then was Medical Director of two large HMOs in California and a number of years working as a Healthcare Management Consultant and Principal with Milliman & Robertston (now Milliman), an  international consulting firm.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Nephrology
Fellow of the American College of Physicians
Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Diego

Retired in 2000

One thought on “Expertise

  1. Hello Fred

    Good to hear from you and your new venture.

    Spong Farm here in Elmsted, Kent is where you have visited and where you and your wife met me and my wife.

    I remember that one of your family names is Wardle but I don’t think I have ever seen your family tree and if there are any links with Elmsted.

    Can you bring me up to date?



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